Promotional Products

Corporate promotion is all about helping brands connect with their customers and strengthen core values and messages. The best promotional products are a blend of reinforcement and cost. Gift Set and Match has 20 years’ experience in understanding what our clients want to achieve with their ‘giveaways’ and the most effective products to do so. From the latest in technology to office gifts, clothing and chocolates, we specialise in getting it right. Click below for our basic ‘Premium Portfolio’ range of promotional products.

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Staff Rewards programmes are a vital part of building and keeping a cohesive and motivated workforce. We have been supplying clients with awards for twenty years, not just for staff but also in recognition of industry achievement. We offer an extensive range of glass, optical crystal and acrylic awards, all with various branding and personalisation methods, from colour printing to engraving and encapsulation. We are always experimenting with other bespoke materials for new and unique effects. Click below for examples of stock awards we can supply.


When it comes to recognising someone’s contribution, sometimes a simple ‘thank you’ can best be expressed in the form of a gift of chocolates, wine or flowers. We can ensure the recognition gift is original, beautifully presented and delivered directly to the recipient.


Printing & Banners

A picture paints a thousand words, so no activity is complete without effective graphics. We specialise in the provision of high-quality display banners that reinforce the sales or motivational messages generated by the event itself. We can also support you with all your print requirements, from stationery to collateral materials, brochures, leaflets and conference badges.

Event Support

Gift Set and Match offers a broad range of event support services, from the early planning stages through to the completion of the event. We can help with sourcing the right venue, engaging local services including hotels and restaurants, always using our shipping and logistics experience to ensure everything comes together in the right place at the right time.

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Venue Search

Whether you are looking for a small off-site meeting or a large capacity venue with comprehensive support facilities, we can help. Based on a full understanding of the brief, Gift Set and Match sources the best locations both nationally and internationally to match a clients’ logistical needs and budget.

Corporate Hospitality

The right venue provides the fabric, but it’s hospitality that gives an event pizzazz. Delivering the best effect comes from understanding the main themes and objectives. It requires attention to everything from planning menu choices to the speakers and entertainment; from awards dinners to team-building events, local tours and experiences.

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